Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Geeks #8 Scavenger Hunt

What a cool idea!

This week we're on a scavenger hunt. Here's my list of things to be found; I'll update it as I find things. I have to say, I doubt I'll finish, because I doubt I'll have enough time to spend looking at blogs...

1. (THE PRIZE. Did you find it?)
2. youtube
3. war
4. Sunday Salon
5. Buy a Friend a Book
6. BTT (or Booking Through Thursday)
7. omnibus
8. Speculative fiction
9. Short stories
10. Ani Difranco (or just Ani)
11. Printz
12. Man Booker Prize (or just Booker)
13. Newbery
14. Mother Talk
15. interview
16. history
17. glbt (or any other arrangement of those letters, or with a q in there)
18. fantasy
19. film
20. giraffe
21. biography
22. Geraldine Brooks
23. graphic novels
24. classics
25. faerie
26. Amelie
27. doo doo doo
28. 24 Hour Read-a-thon
29. etsy
30. poetry
31. Bookmooch
33. R.E.M.
34. Bookworms Carnival
35. library -Karen's Book Nook
36. Lost (must refer to the TV series)
37. Six Feet Under
38. ReadingAnimals (I’m featuring her because I feel bad that I can’t figure out how to comment at her blog.)
39. hedgehog
40. pregnant
41. nosebleed (or nose bleed)
42. 42 (No, that’s not a mistake; number 42 is to find the digit 42.)
43. herding cats
44. Django Reinhardt
45. A.S. Byatt
46. Homer
(The next three are suggestions from my son.)
47. ROFL
48. cheezburger (must be spelled with Z!)
49. d20

50.-?: Each participant gets to put one keyword in the comments, so keep coming back to check on them if you’re trying for the prize!

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