Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rules by Cynthia Lord

This was the last book Laura and I listened to before school ended. I chose it because 1) she had asked me to get it from Audible months ago, but we were listening to His Dark Materials for months and 2) it was a short book, and we didn't have much time.

Laura and I both liked this book very much. The main character, Catherine, has a younger brother with autism, and she is torn by her feelings of embarrassment over his differences and the need to protect him. She also is dealing with confusion over her blossoming friendship with Jason, a wheelchair-bound boy she meets at her brother's Occupational Therapy clinic, and a new friendship with a girl who moves in next door. There are a lot of issues thrown into this book, making it quite complex for such a small book. I highly recommend this one, either in print or as an audiobook. The narration for this was very good.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this one as well. It was a fun,quick read that helped me understand the world of those who live with autistic family members.

Somer said...

Natasha - I agree. I love books like these that help kids see people who are "different" in a new light.