Thursday, June 19, 2008

It was Tuesday on Tuesday...

I'm behind on blog reading. Not sure why - a lot on my mind, I guess, but I can't yet share what's occupying my mind.

So, two days late, here's where I am (and it's roughly the same as on Tuesday).

I'm back to two audiobooks, as I've been chauffeuring Laura to and from a band camp all week, so we picked a book to listen to.

Audiobook 1: We're in modern-day England where we have made the acquaintance of Sebastian, a 12-year-old boy who lives in the walls of our ancient manor that our parents just bought. While he is only physically 12 years old, Sebastian was born in 1420, the son of Henry V's alchemist. (Doctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist's Son)

Audiobook 2: I'm in New Hampshire, where an inmate on death row wants to donate his heart to his victim's sister. (I am, at times, an ACLU lawyer, an inmate with AIDS who killed his partner in an act of passion, and a priest.) (Change of Heart)

Main book: I am desperately trying to find my true love while keeping Lord Death at bay. I am also trying to save the people of my village upon impending plague that only I am aware is coming. (Keturah and Lord Death - this is a fantastic book!)

Bedtime: Still on an island with Peter and his friends. Dealing with mermaids and flying longboats and talking to porpoises.

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Debi said...

Hope everything's okay!

Somer said...

Things are quite good - I have good things on my mind. :-) Hopefully I can share more soon.