Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Tuesday, where are you?

I laughed when I read raidergirl3's post this morning, because she said "I feel like I'm reading the same books this week that I was reading last week." Well, there's no *feeling* on my part. I am definitely still reading the same things as last week, just a bit further along.

This morning I was in Pakistan, trying to retrieve my building materials, so I could finally build the school in Korphe. (Three Cups of Tea)

And before that, I was with Lyra and Will in the Land of the Dead (yeah, I think I've been in the Land of the Dead for at least a week now! I guess that's what happens when you listen to 15-20 minutes per day). (The Amber Spyglass)

Later on today, I'll be in South Dakota with Shadow and Mr. Wednesday. (American Gods)

And tonight, I'll be aboard the Never Land learning about starcatchers, and the most unimagingative name for a substance I've ever read in a book, "starstuff." (Peter and the Starcatchers)
My husband hates this book, my daughter thinks it's stupid, and my son seems to like it, but I think he's afraid to admit it since his dad and sister are so vocal about their dislike. I, myself, am ambivalent, but as long as at least one child is enjoying it, I'll keep going. Especially, since the 1 child usually falls asleep before we finish reading anything, and this one has kept him awake.


Amanda said...

I just started "American Gods" last night for a Spark Bookworms discussion. Read to page 80 - sounds like you're ahead of me.

Debi said...

Sorry you're all not enjoying Peter and the Star Catchers. My husband and daughter are enjoying those...but for Annie that may just be that it's special time with just her dad and no pesky little brothers! (And for Rich it may be that he just loves Ridley Pearson so much from his Lou/Daphne series.)

Somer said...

Amanda - I'm about 200 pages from the end of American Gods now. Are you enjoying it?

Debi - I'm actually enjoying the book a bit more now, but probably not enough to continue with the series (unless Laura and Eli change their tune before it's all over (or, really, Laura and Jimmy (my husband)).

Amanda said...

I'm only 80 pages in. A bit confusing so far. Didn't help that the leader of the discussion has already revealed which of the gods certain characters are. I'd hoped to figure out more of that for myself.

I switched over to "The Echo Maker" for my other discussion as I have to have the first 94 pages read by May 23...and I'm SO tired at night!