Friday, January 18, 2008

8 Random Things Meme

I wasn't tagged, per se, but raidergirl3 over at an adventure in reading asked if anyone wanted to play, and I do!

8 random things about me:

1) I am so not a night owl. I fall asleep on the couch almost every night while reading. My husband knows better than to start a movie with me after 8:00, because I'll never make it through more than half of it.

2) I have a real social anxiety when it comes to the phone. I will make phone calls when I don't have a choice, and I will answer the phone when I don't have a choice. But if I can get out of it, I don't use the phone. This is ironic, since I had a phone permanently attached to my head for most of high school...

3) I have an embarrassingly good memory for random details, like dates and names, often of things that didn't even really involve me (like my husband's students' names). The radiology residents that use my library are often amazed when I remember their names (in some cases when they've only come in a couple of times) and, often, what books they've borrowed.

4) Surprisingly, my short term memory stinks. I'd write more about this, but I don't remember what I was going to say. ;-)

5) I grew up in Kosciusko, Mississippi, home of Oprah Winfrey. My grandmother claimed to have made her layette when she was a baby and my uncle claims she ate his Easter chicken (you know, those dyed ones you used to be able to get at Easter?).

6) I really don't like thunderstorms, especially at night. This stems from growing up in tornado alley. During the day I can tell if it gets abnormally dark, but at night, I don't have any visual means of judging how bad a storm is. One of the things I hate about having satellite TV now instead of cable is that we don't get a local Weather Channel feed, so I can't turn the weather on when it storms to check things out. If it's really stormy, I have to turn the computer on so I can check the satellite. Yeah, I'm a little crazy.

7) I played the alto clarinet for part of 7th and 8th grades, until my band director decided she didn't want alto clarinets anymore and switched me to bass clarinet, which I hated. I loved alto, because it wasn't very common. Apparently they're hard to play in tune, though, which is why few bands have them, as I learned from my high school band director when I asked if I could play it again. I ended up playing percussion instead...but I've been playing plain-old clarinet again for a little over a year with my church orchestra.

8) I'm a terrible housekeeper. Luckily I'm married to a man who doesn't expect me to do it all, and in all fairness, does considerably more than I do.

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