Thursday, November 1, 2007

Review and challenge summary

I did it! With just hours to spare, I finished House of Leaves, thus completing the RIP II Challenge. And a challenge it was, indeed. (FOrgive my shoddy typing, I got a paper cut UNDER my pinkie nail and am having a hard time typing with a bandaid on that finger!) For the challenge I also planned to read short stories, but ended up giving that up about a month into the challenge. Just couldn't find the time.

Now for the review. I have to say, I was greatly disappointed with this book. I didn't find it in the least bit scary. In fact, I thought it was horribly boring. There were parts I liked. Actually, any of the story about the house and Navidson's family caught my attention. And I liked the letters in the appendix at the end - really shed a light on the book (heh heh...pun not intended - but you'll only get that if you read the book). I was VERY glad to be done with it, but I was determined to actually finish it. Phew! Now I can move on to something else.


Amanda said...

Seems like you weren't too thrilled with this challenge - would you do it again?

Somer said...

I would totally do it again, but I would choose a different book or two. I love spooky/gothic books, but this one was just weird. Not my style at all. I had a few others on my shelf to choose from, which I know I would have enjoyed, but I had heard such great things about this book and was really looking forward to it. Very disappointing!