Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Texas Library Association conference

I'm in Dallas at the Texas Library Association conference and am having a great time. I got to see about half of a session with a panel of YA authors yesterday which included Rick Riordan, Libba Bray, and Suzanne Collins (and 3 more people whose names I can't remember right now) and today I hit the exhibit hall for an hour. And what a productive hour it was. I was weighted down with no fewer than 30 ARCs, some by well-known authors, in less than an hour. I had to put myself in time out for the rest of the day because I couldn't carry any more. How the hell am I going to read all of these? I still have ARCs from last year (no, 2 years ago) that I never read. I think I am going to have to host a "Read the damn ARCs" challenge or something! Does anyone else have this problem? I swear I am unstoppable when it comes to free books. I really have a problem.

I, alas, do not have free wireless in my room, so I may not post again before I get home Friday. Sometime this weekend I will post a full list of all the ARCs I make it home with. I plan to host several give-aways on here over the next few months, as I finish these books.


Iliana said...

30 ARCs? Ooh, I'm jealous :)
I hope you are having fun in Dallas still. can't wait to hear about some of these books.

Somer said...

Oh, 30 was just the first day! See my upcoming post for further details! Dallas was great!