Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PB&J Challenge

Now this is a challenge I can gobble up! Becky just introduced the PB&J Challenge. The point of this one is to read picture books (PB) and/or juvenile (J) books. The J part is no challenge for me, as I read so many children's books anyway, but a picture book challenge is just what I needed to give me an excuse to read more picture books. Seriously, the thing I miss most about being a children's librarian is the picture books. Becky hasn't set specific rules for this challenge, but says setting goals for yourself is perfectly acceptable. I think my goal will be 52 books - one book for each letter of the alphabet for both title and author. Sort of an A to Z challenge with just picture books. I can't wait to get started!


Amanda said...

Here's one to help with a couple sometimes tough letters, Q and Z:

This Quiet Lady by Charlotte Zolotow

Debi said...

Ohh, neat twist you're putting on this one! I love the idea of this challenge, too...nice to have "an excuse" to read picture books, huh?

Kim said...

I like your twist also! I saw that challenge over at Becky's site and was pondering whether or not I would join. I think I will use your twist if you don't mind? Being the mother of 4 kids, I have sure read my share of picture books. BUT! My youngest is 12 years old (the oldest is 24) and I can't remember the last time I checked a picture book out or even perused those shelves....a place I spent a lot time at for a lot of years. Thanks for providing my motivation-even if it was inadvertently!

Somer said...

Amanda - Thanks for the suggestion!

Debi and Kim - Do we really need an excuse? I just need the nudge. :-)
And Kim, please feel free to borrow my idea! My youngest is 9, and I really miss those picture book days sometimes!