Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Double the good luck!

I found out today I'm getting one of the Early Review copies from the bonus batch in November, too! And best of all, it's the new Mary Doria Russell!, Dreamers of the Day. I haven't read anything of hers yet, but I have heard such glowing reviews of The Sparrow and Children of God that I just can't wait to read this one! I can't believe my luck!


Debi said...

Hooray! Hope you enjoy!

Amanda said...

oooh, you are lucky! I had really hoped to get that book because I HAVE read The Sparrow and Children of God (although I don't think the latter is listed in my LibraryThing).

However, I did get a book in this bonus batch - check my blog later!

How are you doing on reading the first two books? Or have you even received the second one yet?

Booklogged said...

How 'bout making that triple the luck! You just won my drawing for Christine Kringle. If you will please email me your address I'll get that off in the mail in the next couple of days. You seem to be on a roll - better buy a lottery ticket!

I noticed on your personal info that you like folk music. Have you got any suggestions for me. I'm new to it.

Dewey said...

If you like getting these review copies, you might really like curledup.com. For the writing sample they ask for, I just gave them a link to my blog. You can pick as many books as you want from their hugely long list! It's really nice.

Somer said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Dewey - I think I'll try it.

1morechapter said...

I got this one, too! We'll have to compare notes. I really thought The Sparrow and Children of God were so thought-provoking.