Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekly Geeks #13

It's meme time! This week we're doing a photo meme with an "author" theme. The idea is to answer the meme using pictures, but no names attached. You, my faithful readers, are to guess who the pictures are! I would like to give a prize for this to the person who gets the most correct, but I'm not sure what books I have up for grabs at the moment. So, for now, the plan is to offer a choice of several books to the winner, from which they can choose. However, I will give fair warning that I suck at making it to the post office and my saving grace for the past 3.5 years was that there was a post office in the hospital where I worked. Alas, my last day of work there was yesterday, so whoever wins will have to bear with me - I don't even know where my closest post office is currently! Leave your answers in the comments!

1. Photos of your favorite author(s).

Barbara Kingsolver

2. Photo(s) of the author(s) of the book(s) you’re currently reading.

Alan Brennert

Rick Riordan

3. Photo(s) of any author(s) you’ve met in person (even very briefly).

Libba Bray

Garth Nix

Graeme Base

4. A youtube of (an) author(s) you’ve heard speak.

Libba Bray

6. A photo of the author of the book you’ve most recently finished.

Alison Weir

7. Photos of the hottest author(s)!

Neil Gaiman


Debi said...

Well, I'm afraid I'm clueless! The only one I know is the ultra-hot Neil Gaiman...and I concur wholeheartedly!

Somer said...

I think I would have been about as clueless, too, Debi! Other than the last one, I would *maybe* have known the first one. But still, even with only one answer, you're ahead of the game right now!

Amanda said...

2. The second one is Rick Riordan.
3. The first one is Libba Bray, the second one is Garth Nix.
4. also Libba Bray.
6. Alison Weir.

That's five out of nine - am I correct on all of them? (if so I win!)