Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book giveaway winner from last week's Weekly Geeks

I only had two brave participants (Debi and Amanda) for this contest. Amanda, with 5 correct guesses, wins! Amanda, are you still interested in my copy of Becky? I can look and see what else I have to part with if you want, but I know you had expressed an interest in that one last month.

I will update my previous photo post with correct answers, if anyone is curious.


Amanda said...

Still interested in Becky, but no need to get it here quickly (there is plenty on the TBR pile!). If need be it can wait until TLA in Houston next year!

Did you get any books in the July batches for Early Reviewers? I got Sweetsmoke - looks good!

Somer said...

Nope, I haven't gotten any since Love Marriage several months ago.

Hopefully I'll get Becky to you before April!