Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texas Bluebonnet Award revisited

I posted earlier about how I think the voting for the Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) is flawed. I still think so to some extent, but mainly only because I think kids will read several short books at the last minute in order to get to go to the special voting breakfast, assuming something like that is a standard at other schools besides my daughter's. Actually, it just occurred to me that, as far as I know, my son's school doesn't participate in the Bluebonnet program at all (how sad).

While I was looking for TBA graphics on the Texas Library Association page today, I came across the FAQ for the program. I've never really understood that the point of the program isn't about choosing the award winner, but more about learning to choose books that appeal to you in a no-pressure situation. The list, as I mentioned previously, has a wide variety of books that naturally don't all appeal to every child. Each child is encouraged to pick at least 5 of their own choosing, and the goal is most definitely not to read the whole list (I knew this). Puts it all in a different perspective for me.

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