Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sick day

I've got some nasty stomach virus which is keeping me home from work today.

The only good thing about this is that I can lay on the couch and read, assuming I can stay awake.

I'm currently devoting my reading time to one book per day (as in, I'm only reading from one book per day instead of reading out of multiple over the course of the day). Today will be devoted to The Other Boleyn Girl, which pleases me as it's a serious chunkster. Maybe I'll make a dent in it today.


Debi said...

Sorry you're feeling so lousy! I do hope you're better real soon!

I think I need to try that strategy, too. I feel like I'm getting nowhere in any of my books because I'm reading from 4 or 5 different ones each day.

Somer said...

When I was reading so many in 1 day I didn't feel like anything was sinking in. Now the book I'm reading that day has my full attention. I know that ultimately, it shouldn't take me any longer to read books this way - it's still the same number of pages - but the one thing that can be frustrating is knowing that I have to wait a few days before getting back into a book and thinking how long it will before I finish it and move on to a new book. I'm so obsessive... :-)