Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Summary

This has been a good book week, I think. Here's where I stand:


Going Postal
(review to follow)

In progress:

House of Leaves
- I'm allocating 30 minutes a day to this. I will finish it!
The Princess Bride - This book is so great so far! When I first saw the movie almost 20 years ago (OMG, how on earth has that been 20 years????) I thought it was incredibly stupid. But over the years, it really grew on me. This is supposed to be a "side read," with me only reading it during our family reading time, it seems to have maneuvered itself into "main book" position.
The Good Earth - I just started this on Wednesday or Thursday. At first I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it, but I seem to be getting drawn into it. This was supposed to be my new "main" book, but it's sort of become my lunchtime/wait-for-the-shuttle book.
Outlander - Still plugging along on this audiobook. I've become emotionally involved with the characters now...
Vampirates - The fam's still enjoying this one.
Fast Food Nation - I say this in progress, but I haven't read any of it this week. Not sure I'm invested in it yet.

Starting this week:

Aurora County All-Stars - This is the third novel by Deborah Wiles, all based in rural Mississippi. The first two were just so good: Each Little Bird that Sings and Love, Ruby Lavender. This isn't a series, but they're all interconnected, if only by a reoccurring character or two. My daughter and I are going to listen to All-Stars on our morning commute.

I was going to do a challenge update, but I think I'll make that a monthly post and wait until 11/1 to do an update.


Eva said...

I've been discussing a chapter of Fast Food Nation every Tuesday for the past few weeks; I'll have chapter three up tomorrow. I'd love it if you stopped by and shared your thoughts. :)

Somer said...

Your blog is what made me decide to pick it up. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read along as I had planned! :-(