Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm on a winning streak with LibraryThing Early Reviewers, it seems. I got Women of the Revolution: Bravery and Sacrifice on the Southern Battlefields by Robert M. Dunkerly this month, which makes 3 in a row. Interestingly enough, this appears to have been published in 2007, so I'm not sure what makes this an Early Review copy (new edition? new publisher?).

On another note, I'm about 20 pages away from finishing The Oracle Betrayed by Catherine Fisher. This is the first book in The Oracle Prophecies trilogy, and I cannot *wait* to read the next two! A more detailed review will come, but let me just say that this one shouldn't be missed!


Amanda said...

I got A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith. Both your book and mine were published in November 2007. I've noticed of late that a lot of the Early Reviewer books aren't really that early; some are being published right about the time the batches are posted.

Debi said...

Congrats Somer! Hope it's a good one!