Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Woo hoo! I snagged yet another LibraryThing Early Review copy! This time I'm getting Venetian Mask by Rosalind Laker. I've gotten really lucky with this program and have read some excellent books. I'm really looking forward to reading this one, too!


Amanda said...

That book looks REALLY interesting (can I have the ARE when you are done?). I also got an Early Reviewer book - Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl, the granddaughter of Roald Dahl and Patricia Neal.

I have a question for you - I know you posted your review of The Translator on LibraryThing, but did you also send it to Random House, and if so, when? I forgot to e-mail mine until a couple days ago (after this latest round of books), and I am trying to figure out if that makes any difference in getting future books from a publisher.

Debi said...

Congrats, Somer! Hope you enjoy!

Somer said...

I never did send the review to Random House. I think it's the 2nd RH bonus batch book (say that 3 times fast) I've won and didn't send my previous review, either. However, those 2 books were released very close to each other. We'll see if I get the bonus book I requested this time... I just never can remember the e-mail address to send it to when I'm thinking about it.

And yes, you can have Venetian Mask when I'm done. Hopefully I'll get it in time to have read it before TLA and I can give it to you then.