Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Summary

Let's just do a quick "where do I stand" for this summary:

Fast Food Nation: Just barely started this; can't wait to delve more
An Abundance of Katherines: Finished last night
The Sorceror: Finished Tuesday
Going Postal: Still working on this; should finish it this week. Fun read!
House of Leaves: Still trudging along here. I'm pretty disappointed in this. Not what I expected.
Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean: This is a pretty fun read. I think we're all enjoying it as our current bedtime book.
The Princess Bride: This one will replace An Abundance of Katherines, being on the high school Name that Book list. I'll start it tonight.
Outlander (audio): Still plugging along her. I'm a couple of hours into the 2nd part (it's divided into 3 parts by Audible). It's a great story so far, and I quite like the narrator!

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