Thursday, September 27, 2007

My system's falling apart!

I've posted before about my system for reading so many books at a time. Well, it's completely gone to hell in a hand basket! I'm trying to reduce the number of books, but I ended up picking up Fast Food Nation this week, bringing me back up to, I think, 6 books. Besides that, my "when" for each book is just not there. I've got 2 main books going, Going Postal and House of Leaves, and my plan was to alternate between the two, toting them back and forth to work, now that I've finished The Sorceror. I decided that House of Leaves is just too weird for reading over lunch, so I've just been reading Going Postal. Except for yesterday, when I brought both Going Postal and Fast Food Nation to work with me, and read FFN while waiting for the shuttle and GP at lunch. And then there's An Abundance of Katherines, which I'm just adoring and can't seem to put down once I start reading it! So, my system right now is, ahhh screw it, read what you want!

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Eva said...

House of Leaves would definitely be a weird lunch read! And depending on your eating habits, FFN might not be much fun either, lol.

I hope your system rights itself soon!