Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Book sale

At my place of work, the patient/family library used to host used book sales roughly quarterly. I was under the impression that as of last June (I remember the exact date of the last one because I broke my ankle bringing the bag of books I had bought into the house) they were not going to be holding the sales anymore, and this has proved true for the past year. However, today I noticed a bunch of tables set up in a public area where they typically have sales and events of various types and thought the arrangement looked suspiciously like the arrangement they have used for the used book sales in the past. Sure enough, as I was leaving for the day, I saw all the boxes of books stashed, ready for the sale tomorrow. I am so jazzed! I have come home with some really great books from these sales! Hopefully tomorrow will be as successful, and I'll report my finds here. I'm giddy with anticipation!

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