Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know, I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I really want to start posting to this blog again (can't believe I haven't updated since June...). Thing is, I hate writing book reviews. Any suggestions? I'd like to share what I'm reading/have read, but I need a short format.

Let's start with the past week or so. Here's what I've finished/started.

The Ragwitch by Garth Nix - liked it a lot
Rose by Any Other Name by Maureen McCarthy - liked it way more than I was expecting to!
Hard Gold: The Colorado Gold Rush of 1859: A Tale of the Old West by Avi (advanced reader copy) - kept my interest, but it was kind of boring at times. I don't think I would have liked it all that much as a kid, and I've always liked historical fiction.

I'm currently reading Waves by Sharon Dogar (advanced reader copy). I'm liking this one so far, about 75 pages in.

Next 3 on my list: Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and then The Disappeared by Gloria Whelan

Baby steps. :-)


Lezlie said...

I think something like what you've just done is good. I think a lot of us are mostly interested in the bottom line -- Did you like it? And maybe a quick line or two about why.

Welcome back!

Eva said...

Rebecca (of RebeccaReads) does fun reading notes, that include what she's just finished, what she's reading, what she wants to read, etc. and brief thoughts on them. :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Enjoy the readathon if you end up doing it!

Natalia said...

I hate writing well-structured reviews, too. Maybe you could post some incoherent lines each week about the books you enjoyed the most. I would LOVE to read that :P

Thank you for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

I don't write many reviews either, but always post at the end of the month all the books I read in that month. I just go to Alibris or some other bookselling website, right click to copy image location on the book cover, and then post the pics along with a quick idea about the book and call it good.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're doing a great job cheering on the readathon so you'll be fine posting! No need to write official reviews, is there? I just post my thoughts... What I do hate though is that it takes much more time than I like... I'll need to deal with that ;)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Interesting books. Good luck with getting your blog going again. :) Happy reading and readathon today!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're doing the readathon today, but if you are, good luck & have fun :)

Eva said...

I'm not sure if you're participating in the read-a-thon, but if you are, keep up the reading! You've finished the first third!