Sunday, November 16, 2008

John Irving is not for me

Several years ago, I started The Cider House Rules, and I just couldn't get into it. I had hoped it was just that book, and, having heard rave reviews, I picked up A Prayer for Owen Meany. Couldn't get into it, either. I recognize both as having good stories, but Irving's writing just plods along. I enjoyed the movie of The Cider House Rules, and I would really like to know the full story of A Prayer for Owen Meany, but I just can't find it in me to finish it.


kelbutt said...

I like John Irving and have read most of his stuff. He's kind of an absurdist Dickens, I think. Only really bent.

Thought I'd out myself as a sometimes reader in your comments section...I enjoy it and am trying to encourage Sophie to start a kid's version...she reads a handful of books at a time, like you. I'm more of a one at a time kinda girl.


Somer said...

I've tried to get Laura to start one, too, but she's resistant. I have a great blog to recommend to Sophie, though, if you want to give her the bug.
Annie is an 11-year-old prolific reader and amazing writer!

Glad you outed yourself! :-)

Debi said...

The only Irving I've ever read is The World According to Garp, and I loved it. But that was many, many, many years ago...I'm not really sure if I'd enjoy it as much any more. Maybe, maybe not. I'd like to try A Prayer for Owen Meany someday.

Somer said...

I wish I could enjoy him. He's one of those authors I feel like I'm missing out on. But, so many books, so little time...