Friday, September 5, 2008

The 39 Clues

I just read this article about The 39 Clues, Scholastic's new series that combines reading, online gaming, and card collecting. I was already thinking this sounded like something Eli might actually get into (he likes to read, but it really has to grab him!), and then I saw that the first book in the series will be authored by Rick Riordan. Yes! Eli has loved the Percy Jackson books so far (we're 1 chapter away from finishing Sea of Monsters, and I've already brought home The Titan's Curse from work). I think we may have a winner.


Shelley said...

I am very tempted to get this for my kids--it's sounds very cool, but in the long run expensive--so I haven't decided yet. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it.

Somer said...

I'll be sure to post about The 39 Clues once we've read the first one.